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  MELNY SRL has become the most important consultant and services provider in the topography field of the NV of Romania. Besides 3D SCANNING, PHOTOGRAMMETRY and BIM, we also work in: TOPOGRAPHY ASYGEN, GENERAL TOPOGRAPHY and CADASTRU.

Since 2017, our company is also active in SWEDEN in the field of Engineering Topography – within the civil engineering works, and from 2018 we participate in the construction of 60 km of the motorway in SLOVAKIA. This is a confirmation of the professionalism and quality offered by our company.

Engineering Topography

The projects we have implemented during the 10 years we have been operating in the field range from civil constructions to the construction of railway tracks and motorways, and the rehabilitation of national roads, bridges and other structures. They all contributed to our vast experience. Together with our state of the art equipment, they help us provide high quality services to our clients.

The projects we have put into practice abroad (SWEDEN and SLOVAKIA) confirm our high level of professionalism.

In this field we offer:

  • Topographic assistance for civil construction works: axis plotting, transmission of elevations, mappings, planarity and verticality checks;
  • Topographic assistance for roads and motorways: plotting various works, topographic surveys, calculation of excavation / filling volume, site activity monitoring;
  • Topographic assistance in railways: plotting and surveys, volume calculation, checking and reconstructing topographic networks;
  • Temporal monitoring of construction behavior.

General Topography

Topography is a branch of geodesy which deals with the technique of measuring a portion of Earth’s shell, determining the position of earth shell elements on small surfaces (considered level), as well as with the technique of graphically or digitally mapping the surfaces measured, in order to prepare maps and plans.

Melny SRL offers you a large range of general topography services, such as:

  • Topographic surveys for various authorizations, for infrastructure projects, for utility networks;
  • Preparation of analogue or digital topographic plans;
  • Measurements necessary to generate the 3D model of the land;
  • Preparation of longitudinal and transverse profiles;
  • Calculation of filling / excavation volume;
  • Marking property lines, civil and industrial construction elements, elements of infrastructure projects.

Land Surveying

Land surveying is an integral part of the organic and mandatory system of technical, economic and legal account management of all the buildings on an administrative territory.

This department offers you the following services:

  • First registration of the building in the Real Estate Register;
  • Update of data in the Real Estate Register;
  • Subdivisions / parceling, joining / merging;
  • Construction registration;
  • Topographic plans;
  • Study of the Real Estate Register archive;
  • Plans
  • Other services: real estate consultancy, request to issue a Real Estate Register.

If you have additional questions, we are at your disposal.