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Photogrammetry is the science that deals with the determination in time and space of fixed, mobile or deformable objects and their photographic, graphic or numerical representation based on photos.

We perform data collection using drones or UAV. Unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as drone is a small aircraft without pilot which is controlled from distance based on a flight plan or with a remote

This aircrafts are equipped with sensors, GPS and a high resolution or infrared camera used for taking several photographs. This photographs can be georeferenced using ground control points resulting in a high resolution orthophotomap. Also, using specialized software you can obtain the digital model of the terrain or “a point cloud”.

Application of photogrammetry:

  • topographic measurements and the realization of: orthophotomap, digital terrain model, raster images
  • volumetric calculations
  • inspection of power lines, gas lines, bridges, dams
  • monitoring national parks
  • forests monitoring
  • monitoring agricultural crops
  • monitoring archeological sites

Topographic photogrammetry services

Using drones in topography is a complement to classical measurements with total stations or GPS, adding more information to delivered products.

We can deliver:

  • point cloud
  • situational plan with level curves
  • orthophotomap
  • digital terrain model
  • volumes

The benefit of using drones in topography is:

  • high speed in obtaining results
  • making measurements in dangerous zones: swamps, very large stocks or dangerous materials
  • high accuracy

Agriculture / Forestry photogrammetry services

Along with development of agricultural sector, obtaining informations about crops stage and identify the problematic areas in order to find solution for their remedy, has became very important.

This drones can be equipped with different types of cameras: visible spectrum, infrared, thermal video, etc. This is a quick method which can deliver much needed informations that can be used in making decisions

We can deliver:

  • orthophotomap
  • 3D model of the terrain
  • situational plan with land slopes and water drainage paths, highlighting water accumulation areas or water shortage areas
  • plans / themed maps in case of using thermal cameras

Architectural photogrammetry services

For architectural details are used ground photographs in combination with drone or lidar scanning.

Results that can be obtained are:

  • point cloud
  • 3D object type model
  • mesh surfaces

They can be easily printed 3D, obtaining a faithful copy of the photoscanned object.

The advantages of this method are to obtain 3D faithful copy of the analyzed object with a high accuracy.


Archeology photogrammetry services

Using drones has become a practice for studying archaeological sites. The biggest advantage is that you can obtain aerial photographs of the entire archaeological site.

This photos can provide information and hints to archaeologists for studying the site. The aerial images may suggest archaeologists the existence of undiscovered archaeological objects.

The use of drones can also be done in hard-to-reach areas, and by collecting photos, useful information is obtained that can be used later.


Industrial photogrammetry services

Inspection of industrial objectives is sometimes difficult due to reduced accessibility; for example: roof of the buildings, towers, areas with dangerous substances, areas with high accident risk. In this situation is ideal using drones.

The result of the data collection can be delivered in the following forms:

  • orthophotomap
  • point cloud
  • situation plan
  • 3D model

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