The point cloud from the 3D scan as well as the orthophotoplan from the Phantom 4 RTK drone flight, make this combination an ideal support for the elaboration of the dendrological study.

The high density of points from LIDAR technology ensures practically the faithful coverage of the park, thus being able to identify all the details that interest us from the respective area.

The orthophotoplan ensures the overall view of the area of ​​interest, and the point cloud from the drone complements the one from the scan to better reflect the reality of the park, both at ground level and at the level of the canopy.

The combination of these two technologies makes extracting the volumes of wood from a park or forest much easier.

The delivered products contained a plan with the position of each tree and shrub as well as a table in which were listed the dimensions of the trees such as their diameter, height and crown diameter, all to support the dendrological study as much as possible.

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